Fried Chicken Flour Mix Thychef Brand 1 Kg.


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Fried Chicken Flour Mix Thychef Brand 1 Kg. / 65 Baht

Newest Instant Chicken Flour with crispy outside and soft in Thai chef style

Divide the fried chicken batter into 2 parts, the first part aside. The other part is mixed with cold water in a ratio of 1 cup flour, a little heap (160g) to 1 cup (240g) water. Stir well, then dip the chicken or meat pieces into the flour mixture. Then mix with the first part of the flour that has not been mixed. Then fry in oil over medium heat until golden brown. Ready to serve. Eat hot, crispy, fragrant, delicious, or decorate the flavor to be intensely delicious with various flavors of Thai Chef sprinkles. Suitable for family meals or used to build a career to expand the business